Casino Rewards
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Casino Rewards
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Casino Rewards
marketing & charities
Earn passively while holding

Deflationary token on Avalanche Blockchain

Have you ever wished to find a token that you can safely hold while the total supply is constantly going down & you earn passive income simply by holding? Here comes the Lucky Fairy Events!
Information & Tokenomics

The token mechanisms are deflationary as there is token burned instantly on each transaction and weekly through random Lucky Fairy events with 40% of the casino rewards.

  • Ticker: FAE
  • Blockchain: Avalanche
  • Initial(Max) Supply: 777,777,777 $FAE
  • Tax: 10%
  • Tax details:

    • Dev&Marketing: 3%
    • Reflections: 2%
    • Liquidity: 2%
    • Prize Pool: 2%
    • Burn: 1%
  • Max transaction size: 0.5% of total supply
  • Anti whale dump & frontrun: max transaction on sales and 45 seconds cooldown between buy or sell.

On top of those tokenomics, 100% of the revenues to the token from the casino are put back in the token growth. The initial distribution will be like following, and is subject to change following a snapshot vote from the community:

  • 40% For Lucky Fairy Buyback and Burn Events
  • 40% For Other Lucky Fairy Events, like AVAX, ETH, BNB and other crypto airdrop to every holders
  • 19% For Marketing
  • 1% For Charities
Through partnership we can expand

Our partners

Numbers Game



Live Dealers

Sportsbook (Upcoming)

Numbers Game is a online gaming website incorporated in the isle of man and fully regulated. It is offering a wide range of products including slot machines, lotteries, live dealers. Their sportsbook will soon be ready. Our partnership with them include a revenue share on affiliates, a MLM and a revenue share on our collaborative lotteries, with up to 70% of the net revenues redistributed to $FAE and it's direct affiliates.

Become a representative

* To learn more about the representatives program, join us on discord.

More partners to come

Follow the plan, chief!


And don't get lost..

Q1 2022

  • Create an exclusive partnership with and established casino
  • Website Launch, Marketing campaigns bootstrap & community growth
  • Create marketing partnerships with communities
  • Litepaper Release
  • Token Launch (2022-01-07)
  • (In progress) Tutorials, How-to videos and other knowledge sharing resources
  • (In progress) Website Improvements + Partners listing (In progress)
  • (In progress) Improvement of marketing material for the community & affiliates (In progress)
  • (In progress) Partnerships with other Tokens & Communities to create awareness (In progress)
  • (In progress) Partnerships with Streamers and Influencers (In progress)
  • (In progress) Exclusive partnerships with NFT projects for raffles for random whitelist entries and NFTs (In progress)
  • (In progress) Marketing Campaign Ramp Up & Massive Community Growth
  • Lucky Raffles on the Casino website

Q2 2022

  • First version of LuckyFairy dApp with raffle free entries based on LF balance or Partners’ NFT special raffle attribute.
  • $FAE support on the Casino
  • Create more partnerships (Trading bots, etc.)

Q3 2022

  • Play2earn games
  • Partnership with Metaverses
  • Esports Tournament & Betting platform on Lucky Fairy dApp

Q4 2022

  • Partnerships/Sponsorships with Esports League/Teams
  • Decentralized Slot Machines, Lotteries and other games (Win NFTs, crypto prizes and more)
Rock solid foundation

Meet our collaborators

Our team is including expert software engineers, marketing specialists, community managers and business administrators.





Backed by real revenues

How to buy & earn

Get your tokens and start receiving reflections instantly. Become a representative of the casino and earn money by inviting your friends. The token receive royalties from the casino and redistribute 100% to the ecosystem.

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Smart contract address: 0xCD1bb91f4eCa93217421316480cA7D7C315827E5

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